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    Our conference on "The Person of Christ" was August 5-7.

    Update for BBC Day, May 25, 2014

    Pictures of Bible Baptist Church visiting

    Members of the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska came to visit and worship with us on May 25th. We now have added a larger picture gallery.

    Pastor and Lyndy Sail Around Cape Horn

    Cape Horn

    * Due to a problem in Google's account services, if you have an active Google account these links may show an error page - try signing out of your Google account before viewing.

    Four Members Attend Conference in Tyler, Texas

    Pictures of our folks and others who attended the 18th annual conference of the Grace Baptist Church of Tyler, Texas November 7-9, 2013.

    Victory Visits Bible Baptist in Nebraska September 16, 2013

    Visit the online gallery of 241 pictures of this great event.

    BBC Day at Victory - Picture Update

    180 people from Bible Baptist Church in Columbus, Nebraska joined with us on Sunday June 2nd.

    32nd Annual Conference Photos

    The Precious Blood of Christ (Aug 6-8)

    Missionary Paul Brown Visits Victory

    On Sunday, August 11, 2013, Paul and Susan Brown posed for a picture during their presentation of their work in Thailand.

    Nebraska Wedding

    Sunday, July 14, our pastor participated in the marriage of Ann Walker to Taylor Anderson at the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska.

    Click each image to see full picture.

    BBC Day at Victory

    180 people from Bible Baptist Church in Columbus, Nebraska joined with the members of Victory for BBC day on Sunday June 2nd.

    View Tug-of-War Video

    Pastor's Conference in Anchorage, Alaska

    Our pastor visited Landmark Baptist Church in Anchorage Alaska May 15-19, 2013, where he preached six messages in a conference on the New Testament Church.

    Missionary John Hawkins Visits

    Sunday, April 21, 2013 one of our missionaries to Brazil, John Hawkins, visited our services, reported on his work, showed two videos to chronicle his work history, and described the area where they plan to begin a new work in January 2014 (Farroupilha, a city in Southern Brazil).

    Trip to Australia/New Zealand

    Pastor and Lyndy Justice returned from their trip to Australia and New Zealand.

    Icicle on Our Church Building

    During the recent huge snowstorms this icicle formed near the front door of our church building. The pictures were taken by one of our church's young men, Mitchell Parish on Sunday, March 3, 2013.

    2013 Covenant Baptist Church Conference

    Covenant Baptist Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma had it's 13th Annual Conference on Biblical Evangelism March 1-3, 2013.

    Visitors November 2012

    On Sunday November 11, 2012, the children and grandchildren of David and Monette visited us. They were here following the funeral for Monette on November 10, 2012.

    Other visitors that day included two families from the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska.


    Pastor Justice Preaches in Texas Conference

    Our pastor recently joined the other men in this picture preaching in the 17th annual conference of the Grace Baptist Church of Tyler, Texas where Brother Dan Cozart is pastor. The preachers pictured are James McDowell of Duncan, Oklahoma, J.C.Fulton of Coweta, Oklahoma, Pastor Justice, Wayne Camp of Scobey, Mississippi, Bill Lee of Grenada, Mississippi, Jeremiah Blasi of Waggoner, Oklahoma and Brother Cozart.

    News From Missionary Tom Montgomery in Mexico

    Brother Tom Montgomery operates out of Mexico City, traveling to Guatemala, Nicaragua and other Central American countries conducting schools for Baptist pastors. From these schools a large number of national pastors are equipped and trained to pastor Baptist churches who believe the gospel of God's sovereign grace as well as the truths of the New Testament concern the churches of Christ in this world.

    John Hawkins Mission Trip

    Our missionary to Manaus, Brazil recently made a preaching trip down the Amazon River to St. Sebaston, Brazil. View pictures from his trip.

    Pastor's Vacation Pictures

    Those interested in our pastor's recent vacation may view his pictures.

    Ice Cream Event May 20, 2012

    One hundred & twelve people from Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska worshipped with us this day. Sunday School and morning worship were followed by a brown bag lunch, afternoon worship, then homemade ice cream, grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and plenty of games. View pictures.

    Flooding in Manaus, Brazil

    Brother John Hawkins, our missionary in Manaus, Brazil sent these pictures of flooding of the Rio Negro and Amazon Rivers in the area where he serves. Water is higher in Manaus than it has ever been.

    Books Page Updated

    We have several new additions to our Books page.

    Books from 2008, 2009 Conferences Online

    Compliations of Baptist History (2008 Conference) and Biblical Creation (2009 Conference) are online in PDF book form.

    Reissue of "God's Preacher"

    Pastor Justice wrote "God's Preacher" in 1988, and now we have a 2012 update on our Books page.

    Pastor's New Book Arrived

    In May, the sixth printing of Pastor Justice's book, Roman Catholicism, was delivered (a professional printing by Faith Publications of Taylors, South Carolina). Copies are free to those who will pay the postage.

    Spring Work Day, May 5, 2012

    Our people worked on getting our property in shape for our annual conference and other activities.

    Preachers at Covenant Baptist Church Conference

    Four preachers, including our pastor, introduced themselves in this brief video at the March conference at Covenant Baptist Church of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

    Vacation Bible School in Manaus

    Missionary John Hawkins recently sent these pictures of his church's Vacation Bible School. The School was held during the month of January in connection with the Baptist Church at Campo Sales where Brother Hawkins is pastor.

    Missionary John Hawkins Preaches at Youth Camp

    Our missionary to Brazil recently preached at a youth camp in Itacoatiara Brazil, 300 miles east of Manaus on the banks of the Urubu river. Sermons included:

    • The Depravity of Man
    • The Lust of the Flesh
    • The Lust of The Eyes
    • The World Passeth Away

    Outstanding Church Music

    The organist and pianist of the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska have released a CD of their music. This is heart warming and meaningful sacred music.

    Listen on-line or email us for a CD.

    More Messages By Our Pastor

    To read some newly posted messages by our Pastor, view our Special Messages page. We have posted a PDF of "Preposterous Preterism" and a tract on "The Glory of God."

    More messages will be posted soon.

    Conference in Tyler, Texas

    During the week end of November 3-5 Pastor Justice preached at the 16th annual conference of the Grace Baptist Church of Tyler, Texas. Pictured with him here left to right are all the conference preachers: Phil Parks, Dean Robinson, Mike Whisenant, Laurence Justice, Steve Raines, Roger Dohrer and Daniel Cozart.

    Problems In Manaus, Brazil

    The devil opposes the Lord's work whenever he can. Here is a video of some super pentecostals that have moved in across the street from Brother Hawkins' church in Brazil and have set out to destroy his work by making a lot of noise during their Baptist services. Turn up the sound on your computer as you watch. Please pray for the Lord to get the victory over these people.

    More Visitors From Nebraska

    On October 9th, the Ben Jenkinson family visited our services. They are members of the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska where Brother Robert Walker is pastor.

    Church Celebrates Kay Roth's 90th Birthday September 25th

    Kay Roth is seen in the first picture with her son in law David Anderson and grand daughter Rebekah Anderson. Pastor Justice appears with her in the second picture.

    Twelve Visitors From Nebraska

    On September 25th twelve people from the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska visited our services. The first picture shows the Charles Seadschlag family while the second shows Christine Walker and her family.

    Former Members Send Pictures

    Mr & Mrs Tom Baker and Mr & Mrs Sean Baker sent us pictures from South Africa (click the image to see more). Sean and Amy and family live there, and Tom & Darlene recently visited them. The pictures were taken at a National Big Game Park.

    "Ten Questions About Divorce"

    Posted 9/13/11 - Pastor Justice's booklet Ten Questions About Divorce.

    Surprise Visitors From Brazil

    Moacyr & Marisa Menha from Osasco, Brazil visited our services August 7, 2011. They are pictured on the left with Ben & Stephanie Gardner.

    Five Members of Family Baptized

    On Sunday July 17, 2011 five members of the Kevin Olson family were baptized into our church. Here the family is pictured on that day with Pastor and Lyndy Justice.

    Victory Celebrates the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Monte & Crystal Jones

    On Sunday July 17th, 2011, our church celebrated the fiftieth wedding anniversary of longtime members, Monte & Crystal Jones.

    Our Pastor's Recent Trip to the Mediterranean

    Pastor and Lyndy Justice recently returned from a Mediterranean cruise. Some of their pictures are included below. Placing the pictures on full screen will make them clearer.

    Each link represents one day of trip:

    Spring Work Day, 5/7/2011

    We had a lot of our children turn out for the church work day this spring. Thanks also to the large number of adults who came and helped us get ready for our upcoming 30th annual Sovereign Grace Conference that will be held August 2-4.

    Claremore, Oklahoma Bible Conference April 28-30, 2011

    These are some of the preachers who attended a recent conference at the Grace Baptist Church of Claremore, Oklahoma. Brother Roger Dohrer is pastor of the church. Our pastor preached on "Problems and Christians" from James 1:1-12.

    Recent Damage To The Gate On Our Church Property

    Recently a man driving at a high rate of speed and under the influence of something lost control of his car and crashed into the electronic gate at the head of our driveway landing upside down astride our fence and causing several thousand dollars worth of damage. His car was totaled and he was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

    Visitors From Brazil to Our Church


    In March 2011, Leandro Fernandes visited from Brazil. In April, Helmo and Elisangela Freitas toured the U.S.A. and stopped by to visit.


    During the summer and fall months of 2010 four different families from Brazil visited the services and homes of Victory Baptist Church here in Kansas City, Missouri. They include the Fabio Silva Family, Leonardo Fernandes, the Calvin Gardner Family and Brother and Mrs. John Hawkins.

    View a few photos

    Missionary Publishes Book

    Many people think that once a person becomes a Christian he never fights against sin again. Many believe that if a Christian does sin, he loses his salvation. Because of these doubts, Missionary to Brazil Calvin Gardner sets out in a book to bring to the Christian's mind as well as to the sinner's what happens and what does not happen when a Christian sins.

    He points out that the Christian who sins does not cease to be a child of God nor lose eternal life nor lose the presence of the Holy Spirit nor become disqualified for heaven. He then points out that the Christian who sins does lose communion with God, the power to be a faithful servant is destroyed, his Christian testimony is compromised, his rewards in heaven are lost and his life on earth can received God's chastisement even to the point of a premature death. An extra section explains how the Christian can get victory over sin and the significance of being saved by grace without works. The title of the book is "Sin And The Christian" and it is available in Portuguese only.

    Those interested in obtaining copies may contact Pastor Justice for cost of the book and shipping.

    Congress On Biblical Leadership in Manaus, Brazil Dec 1-7, 2010

    Pastor and Lyndy Justice made a trip to Manaus where he preached three messages in a conference on Biblical Leadership and also at the graduation of the Seminary called Baptist Bible Institute of Amazonis.

    View the Pictures

    Programs for Conference and Graduation Services in Brazil Dec 2-4, 2010

    Here are the printed programs for two events in which our pastor preached in Brazil (both as PDF files):

    Missionary John Hawkins Jr. was in charge of both events.

    Pastor Preaches In Nebraska Conference

    Brother Justice preached seven sermons on the Doctrines of Grace at the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska November 16-21, 2010. Brother Robert Walker is pastor of this church.

    Fall Work Day 2010

    Photos from our Fall Work Day.

    Ben Gardner Weds Stephanie Brehm

    On July 24, 2010 at 2 PM one of our men, Ben Gardner married our church pianist, Stephanie Brehm. Here are pictures of the wedding and of the reception which followed.

    View the Picture Gallery

    Church Honors Pianist Stephanie Brehm

    Recently our church paid tribute to Miss Stephanie Brehm who has served as our church pianist for the past two years. She will be leaving this position soon to be married to one of our men, Brother Ben Gardner. We thank the Lord for Stephanie and her service to the Him among us.

    View the Picture Gallery

    Pastor Justice's Conference in Alaska

    Pastor Justice has recently returned from preaching a conference in the Landmark Baptist Church in Anchorage, Alaska.

    Picture Galleries

    Pastor Justice Preaches at 100th Anniversary of Former Church

    On May 30, 2010 Pastor Laurence Justice preached the morning sermon at the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the First Baptist Church of Willow, Oklahoma. Brother Justice pastored this church from 1983-1985 while serving as Chaplain at the Oklahoma State Reformatory, a medium security prison at Granite in far Southwestern Oklahoma. A large crowd of people from several States attended.

    Why We Don't Use the Altar Call
    (in Portuguese)

    Brother John Hawkins translated Pastor Justice's tract on Why We Don't Use the Altar Call to Portuguese. A link is also found on our Special Messages page.

    New Books Arrive

    Copies of a book made up of sermons preached at last summer's conference on Biblical Creation have just arrived. Pictured are co-editors of the book Lyndy and Laurence Justice.

    Copies are available at no cost except for postage. Contact Pastor Justice.

    Auditorium Upgrade

    Monte Jones, Kenny Wright and Pastor Laurence Justice on the new steps in the front of our church auditorium. This is a modification made by brother Jones and brother Wright to facilitate weddings and funerals.

    Calvin Gardner's City in Brazil

    Our missionary Calvin Gardner lives and works in Presidente Prudente, Brazil. Watch the new video made by his son Daniel showing you scenes of the city.

    Pictures From Mexico

    Laurence Justice and Daniel Chamberlin visited the work of missionary Tom Montgomery in central Mexico, December 9-17, 2009.

    View the Gallery

    50 Years in the Lord's Work

    November 1st, 2009, Victory Baptist Church celebrated 50 years of Pastor Laurence Justice serving in the Lord's work.

    Picture Galleries

    Message on "Progressive Sanctification"

    Is Sanctification a completed state in the believer, or an ongoing process? Listen online.

    Video Message on "Total Depravity"

    While visiting Brazil, Pastor Justice preached a message on Total Depravity (Ephesians 2:1, 5) and Pastor/Missionary John Hawkins translated to Portuguese. View the Video.

    "Baptist History" Conference Messages Now In Print

    The 2008 conference messages are now in a printed book.

    More Details...

    Baptists and Election

    Listen online to a new MP3 message on Baptist history, and what Baptists have believed about the doctrine of Election.

    Back From Brazil

    Pastor Justice was invited to preach at a conference in July, 2008. The trip log will be posted soon.

    Check out the photos and a video.

    Brief Missionary Videos

    Calvin Gardner in Brazil

    John & Rebecca Hawkins Return To Brazil

    John Hawkins Passes Responsibility to Native Pastor

    Missionary John Hawkins has organized the congregation at Campos Sales into a New Testament Baptist church and the church has called a national pastor. This is the way New Testament missions work. Brother Hawkins will now move on to a new field of service.

    View photos of the actual transfer of the pastorate held recently in the new church building (view those pictures) at Campos Sales.

    Ben Gardner Ordained

    On Sunday December 18, 2011 our church ordained Benjamin Gardner to the gospel ministry.

    Pictures, video and audio are available for this very solemn event. MP3 Sermons

    Weekly sermons are available on Listen for free!

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