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    The Christian and Military Service

    Matthew 22:21

    “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”

    Does the End Justify the Means: Pragmatic Evangelism

    II Samuel 6:1-7
    I Chronicles 15:13-15

    At one of the meetings of the Capital Baptist Association in Oklahoma City some time ago an “expert” on Sunday School said that any method, whatever works, should be used to make our Sunday Schools grow. This pragmatic approach is quite popular; probably even the majority view in the churches today. In this message we shall consider this pragmatic philosophy in the light of God’s word and as we do I shall try to answer the question, “Does the End Justify the Means in God’s Work?”

    Is The God Of Islam The God Of The Bible?

    "Some time ago Louis Farakan called for a million black men to march on Washington. Farakan is a Black Muslim and the name of his religion is The Nation Of Islam. Farakan's purpose in organizing and carrying out this event was ultimately to convert as many Black men as possible to The Nation Of Islam. Part of his strategy for doing so was to tell Christians that after all Christians and Muslims worship the same God."

    Where Do Calamities Come From?

    "What part if any does God play in the great disasters that plague the cities of this earth from time to time? The answer of Tom Elliff, former President of the Southern Baptist Convention and pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Del City, Oklahoma is that the great tornado that demolished large sections of the Oklahoma City metro area killed numbers of people in the Spring of 1999 was not an act of God but an act of nature..."

    The World Trade Center Disaster

    Luke 13:1-5

    "Tuesday morning September 11, 2001 was a day of national horror in our country. Two hijacked airliners wiped out as many as 5,000 people in less than an hour's time. With the possible exception of the War Between The States this incident is the greatest tragedy our nation has ever seen."

    Are Baptists Reformed?

    "More and more Baptists and more and more Baptist churches today are calling themselves Reformed. Part of the reason why some Baptists choose to call themselves Reformed is because they have been so anxious to turn away from the destructive influences of Arminianism that they have taken the label of Reformed in order to distinguish themselves from an intellectually bankrupt Fundamentalism."

    Should A Baptist Embrace Pentacostalism?

    "Most of us were first shocked and then deeply saddened a few years ago when James Robinson, a Southern Baptist Evangelist, identified himself as Pentecostal in doctrine. Many churches have been troubled by Pentecostalism in recent years. It is now a serious problem which can no longer be avoided."

    Preposterous Preterism

    Revelation 1:7

    "I have in my possession a postcard I recently received in the mail. Superimposed on a background of a beautiful sunset are the words 'The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Already Happened.' My first reaction to this card was 'What? What wacko sent this and who would even print such a thing?' After looking into the matter I found that the person who sent this card is no isolated loony with too much time on his hands. Instead he is one who has been caught up in an error that is having increasing influence on modern Christians. This error is called preterism, P-R-E-T-E-R-I-S-M, and those who believe this way are called preterists."

    Why We Don't Use The Altar Call

    Acts 2:36-37

    "An altar call is an appeal for an immediate public response to a sermon just preached. It is popularly called the invitation and as used in this context is an appeal for a public act of commitment and can involve hand raising, going to a counseling area or signing a commitment card..."

    The Perpetuity of the Church

    Matthew 16:18

    "Someone has estimated that God's word contains over three thousand promises to men. The Lord has never broken a single one of these promises. The Lord and his word are absolutely trustworthy..."

    The Responsibilities of Church Members to Their Pastor

    I Thessalonians 5:12-13

    "No relationship is more important or more solemn than that of a pastor and his flock. This relationship is clearly defined in the word of God where the duties of both the pastor and his people are explained in great detail. Our text relates the duties of both but we shall major in this message on the responsibilities of church members to their pastor."

    Messages By Paul Justice

    What Lies Ahead For The Christian?

    Rapture Before Tribulation Or Rapture After Tribulation?

    "The title of this booklet asks a question of great practical importance for the believer in Jesus Christ. Every Christian will agree that one's view of the future affects not only how he lives now, but it also prepares him for that future revealed in God's Word."

    What Happened To The Bible Doctrine Of Election?

    "How long has it been since you heard a sermon from the Bible on the doctrine of election? Perhaps you have never heard one. What has happened that this great God honoring, soul-saving truth has been neglected in these days? Much is revealed in God's Word about election, predestination and God's eternal purpose, yet seldom do Christians ever speak of it, discuss it, or preach it."

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