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    02/09/12 PDF
    Should a Christian Retire?
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor

    "In America we have made age sixty-five to be a sort of magic age. The last day of oneís sixtyfourth year he is considered a normal human being but at the stroke of midnight that night he is finished for good and must be turned out to pasture.

    The great tragedy is that at this point so many people want to retire not just from their jobs and making a living but from the Lordís work as well."

    02/04/12 PDF
    Why Gods Preachers Must Preach Doctrine
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor

    "Recently some preachers were discussing what kind of programs we should have at the Baptist pastorís conference on Monday mornings. One preacher said, ďLetís donít have any doctrinal sermons because doctrine is divisive.Ē Another said he found it a good rule never to spend more than ten minutes preaching on a certain doctrine because it is so controversial.

    The doctrines of the Bible are simply the teachings of Godís word. The word of God is a book of doctrine. Take doctrine out of Godís word and you have nothing left!"

    02/04/12 PDF
    The Christianity of George Washington
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor

    "A very important dimension of Washingtonís greatness was his personal religion that for some reason most historians today have chosen to almost totally ignore. Let us consider briefly this essential aspect of the life and character of George Washington."

    02/04/12 PDF
    Should a Baptist Church Recognize Alien Baptism?
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor

    "According to an article in the Baptist Messenger a few years ago the Park Road Southern Baptist Church of Charlotte, NC has voted that rebaptism by immersion will no longer be required for membership in their church. At about the same time three other churches withdrew from the same association over this matter. I know of a Baptist church in metropolitan Oklahoma City that recently received members of a Disciples of Christ church without baptizing them. Baptists have a term for such a practice. We call it recognizing alien immersion or alien baptism."

    01/29/12 PDF
    The Glory of God (8.5" x 14" tract format)
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor

    Godís word speaks again and again of the glory of God. What does Godís word mean by the glory of God?

    01/29/12 PDF
    Preposterous Preterism
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor
    Revelation 1:7

    "I have in my possession a post card I recently received in the mail. Superimposed on a background of a beautiful sunset are the words ďThe Second Coming of Jesus Christ Already Happened.Ē My first reaction to this card was, What? What wacko sent this and who would even print such a thing?Ē After looking into the matter I found that the person who sent this card is no isolated loony with too much time on his hands. Instead he is one who has been caught up in an error that is having increasing influence on modern Christians."

    09/13/11 PDF
    Ten Questions About Divorce
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor

    Deuteronomy 24:1-4, Matthew 5:31-32, Matthew 19:3-9, Mark 10:2-12, Luke 16:18, Romans 7:1-3

    "The topic of divorce is a very controversial one indeed. There are many extremes and many unscriptural positions and ideas about divorce. Our responsibility is to search the scriptures and find out what Godís word actually says about this matter. In this message we want to ask and try to answer from the scriptures ten questions about divorce."

    04/23/10 Text
    Why We Donít Use the Altar Call (Portuguese)
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor, translated to Portuguese by Pastor and Missionary John Hawkins

    Pastor Justice's tract on why we donít use the Altar Call, translated to Portuguese.

    07/18/09 Video
    Total Depravity
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor, translated to Portuguese by Pastor and Missionary John Hawkins
    Ephesians 2:1, 5

    In these verses we see the total depravity of man. This means that man by his very nature is dead spiritually. He cannot understand spiritual things, nor can he please God or trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

    07/18/09 MP3
    Progressive Sanctification
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor

    There is much confusion today regarding the Bible doctrine of Sanctification. Is it sinless perfection, or perhaps imputed by Christ and therefore complete? Or is it an imperfect, progressive and ongoing process?

    11/08/08 MP3
    Baptists and Election
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor
    II Thessalonians 2:13-14

    "...God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth: Whereunto he called you by our gospel, to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ."

    09/01/07 PDF
    The Menace Of Multiculturalism
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor
    Exodus 20:3
    "For Christians today multiculturalism is a widely used but little understood term. Multiculturalism has found its way into our institutions and into our everyday lives yet the great majority don't even seem to realize it. Our children have been taught this philosophy in the schools. Hollywood and the whole entertainment industry are constantly propagandizing the public with its principles. Liberalism and ecumenicalism have even brought multiculturalism into the churches. So pervasive has multiculturalism become that it has turned our Western civilization upside down in one generation. Christians need to be aware of multiculturalism and to understand it and to act biblically in relation to it if we are to be pleasing to God."
    02/26/06 MP3
    Christ's Resurrection Body
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor
    John 2:18-21
    01/3/06 MP3
    How To Avoid Being Murdered By A Dutch Hedonist
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor
    The pastor recorded this for the weekly radio program in 2005.
    07/28/05 PDF
    Should A Baptist Church Tolerate Contemporary Christian Music?
    By Laurence A. Justice, Pastor
    "In the last several years a radically different type of music has found its way into many of our churches. This music is known variously as sacred pop, Christian rock, new sound, and contemporary Christian music. The difference in contemporary Christian music, or CCM as we shall henceforth refer to it, and the music which characterized Christianity in all the previous centuries is this: CCM borrows the style of the world's music; the heavy beat and the straight, breathy tones of the singer, and brings this style over into the music of the church."

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