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    9/16/2013 - Victory Visits Bible Baptist in Nebraska

    Visit the online gallery of 241 pictures of this great event.

    8/11/2013 - Missionary Paul Brown Visits Victory

    On Sunday, August 11, 2013, Paul and Susan Brown posed for a picture during their presentation of their work in Thailand.

    7/14/2013 - Nebraska Wedding

    Sunday, July 14, our pastor participated in the marriage of Ann Walker to Taylor Anderson at the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska.

    Click each image to see full picture.

    6/2/2013 - BBC Day at Victory

    180 people from Bible Baptist Church in Columbus, Nebraska joined with the members of Victory for BBC day on Sunday June 2nd.

    11/11/2012 - Visitors


    On Sunday November 11, 2012, the children and grandchildren of David and Monette visited us. They were here following the funeral for Monette on November 10, 2012.

    Other visitors that day included two families from the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska.

    2012 - News From Missionary Tom Montgomery in Mexico

    Brother Tom Montgomery operates out of Mexico City, traveling to Guatemala, Nicaragua and other Central American countries conducting schools for Baptist pastors. From these schools a large number of national pastors are equipped and trained to pastor Baptist churches who believe the gospel of God's sovereign grace as well as the truths of the New Testament concern the churches of Christ in this world.

    5/20/2012 - Ice Cream Event

    One hundred & twelve people from Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska worshipped with us this day. Sunday School and morning worship were followed by a brown bag lunch, afternoon worship, then homemade ice cream, grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and plenty of games. View pictures.

    5/5/2012 - Spring Work Day

    Our people worked on getting our property in shape for our annual conference and other activities.

    10/09/2011 - More Visitors From Nebraska

    On October 9th, the Ben Jenkinson family visited our services. They are members of the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska where Brother Robert Walker is pastor.

    9/25/2011 - Church Celebrates Kay Roth's 90th Birthday

    Kay Roth is seen in the first picture with her son in law David Anderson and grand daughter Rebekah Anderson. Pastor Justice appears with her in the second picture.

    9/25/2011 - Twelve Visitors From Nebraska

    On September 25th twelve people from the Bible Baptist Church of Columbus, Nebraska visited our services. The first picture shows the Charles Seadschlag family while the second shows Christine Walker and her family.

    8/30/2011 - Former Members Send Pictures

    Mr & Mrs Tom Baker and Mr & Mrs Sean Baker sent us pictures from South Africa (click the image to see more). Sean and Amy and family live there, and Tom & Darlene recently visited them. The pictures were taken at a National Big Game Park.

    8/7/2011 - Surprise Visitors From Brazil

    Moacyr & Marisa Menha from Osasco, Brazil visited our services August 7, 2011. They are pictured on the left with Ben & Stephanie Gardner.

    7/17/2011 - Five Members of Family Baptized

    On Sunday July 17, 2011 five members of the Kevin Olson family were baptized into our church. Here the family is pictured on that day with Pastor and Lyndy Justice.

    7/17/2011 - Victory Celebrates the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Monte & Crystal Jones

    On Sunday July 17th, 2011, our church celebrated the fiftieth wedding anniversary of longtime members, Monte & Crystal Jones.

    5/7/2011 - Spring Work Day

    We had a lot of our children turn out for the church work day this spring. Thanks also to the large number of adults who came and helped us get ready for our upcoming 30th annual Sovereign Grace Conference that will be held August 2-4.

    4/2011 - Recent Damage To The Gate On Our Church Property

    Recently a man driving at a high rate of speed and under the influence of something lost control of his car and crashed into the electronic gate at the head of our driveway landing upside down astride our fence and causing several thousand dollars worth of damage. His car was totaled and he was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries.

    Visitors From Brazil to Our Church


    In March 2011, Leandro Fernandes visited from Brazil. In April, Helmo and Elisangela Freitas toured the U.S.A. and stopped by to visit.


    During the summer and fall months of 2010 four different families from Brazil visited the services and homes of Victory Baptist Church here in Kansas City, Missouri. They include the Fabio Silva Family, Leonardo Fernandes, the Calvin Gardner Family and Brother and Mrs. John Hawkins.

    View a few photos

    10/2010 - Fall Work Day

    Photos from our Fall Work Day.

    7/24/2010 - Ben Gardner Weds Stephanie Brehm

    On July 24, 2010 at 2 PM one of our men, Ben Gardner married our church pianist, Stephanie Brehm. Here are pictures of the wedding and of the reception which followed.

    View the Picture Gallery

    7/18/2010 - Church Honors Pianist Stephanie Brehm

    Recently our church paid tribute to Miss Stephanie Brehm who has served as our church pianist for the past two years. She will be leaving this position soon to be married to one of our men, Brother Ben Gardner. We thank the Lord for Stephanie and her service to the Him among us.

    View the Picture Gallery

    2/4/2010 - New Books Arrive

    Copies of a book made up of sermons preached at last summer's conference on Biblical Creation have just arrived. Pictured are co-editors of the book Lyndy and Laurence Justice.

    Copies are available at no cost except for postage. Contact Pastor Justice.

    1/28/2010 - Auditorium Upgrade

    Monte Jones, Kenny Wright and Pastor Laurence Justice on the new steps in the front of our church auditorium. This is a modification made by brother Jones and brother Wright to facilitate weddings and funerals.

    11/1/2009 - 50 Years in the Lord's Work

    November 1st, 2009, Victory Baptist Church celebrated 50 years of Pastor Laurence Justice serving in the Lord's work.

    Picture Galleries

    Goodbye To Dixie
    Victory Baptist Church said goodbye to Dixie Groves as she will be moving to Colorado.

    Tormanen 50th Anniversary
    Church members celebrated Emery and Marilyn Tormanen's 50th Wedding Anniversary (which is 08-16).

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