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    32nd Annual Sovereign Grace Conference

    "The Precious Blood of Christ", August 6-8, 2013

    Paul Brown A. Remission of Sin Through the Blood
    B. Sanctifying Blood
    Wayne Camp, Scobey, Mississippi A. Innocent Blood
    B. Justifying Blood
    Dan Chamberlin, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma A. Liberal Theology & the Blood of Christ
    B. The Blood that Speaks
    Dan Cozart, Tyler, Texas A. Precious Blood
    B. Cleansing Blood
    Ron Crisp A. Drinking Christ's Blood
    B. The Blood of the Everlasting Covenant
    Robert Walker, Columbus, Nebraska A. Reconciling Blood
    B. Overcoming Blood
    • No registration fee will be charged.
    • Meals will be provided by the church at no cost to conference attendees.
    • RV hookups are available at the church at no cost to those who request a space in advance.

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