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  • The 25 Greatest Christian Books Of The 20th Century

    by Laurence A. Justice, Pastor

    Since the close of the twentieth century many have taken in hand to set in order their lists of the top ten or the top twenty or the top one hundred of all kinds of things from books to songs to men to women to athletes. It seems good to me having been blessed of God to have lived well over half of the twentieth century and having been privileged to read a good number of the important Christian books written during this period to list the twenty five books that I perceive to have been the most influential ones written during this time. It is my strong desire that this listing will encourage those who see it to read these and other good Christian books for themselves and to receive spiritual profit from them.

    I would appreciate your comments, suggestions, additions, agreements or disagreements concerning this list. Please email me at justicela@juno.com.

    The Sovereignty Of GodArthur W. Pink1930
    The FundamentalsEdited by R.A. Torey & A.C. Dixon1915
    A History Of The BaptistsJohn T. Christian1922
    Christianity And LiberalismJ. Gresham Machen1931
    The Trail Of BloodJ.M. Carroll1931
    The Reformed Doctrine Of PredestinationLoraine Boettner1932
    Systematic TheologyLouis Berkhof1941
    Redemption Accomplished And AppliedJohn Murray1955
    The Defense Of The FaithCornelius Van Til1955
    The Anabaptist StoryWilliam R. Estep1963
    The Grace Of LawErnest F. Kevan1963
    None Dare Call It TreasonJohn A. Stormer1964
    The Genesis FloodJohn C. Whitcomb Jr. & Henry Morris1964
    The Forgotten SpurgeonIan Murray1966
    A Theological Interpretation Of American HistoryC. Gregg Singer1969
    Why I Preach That The Bible Is Literally TrueW.A. Criswell1969
    Today’s Gospel Authentic Or SyntheticWalter J Chantry1970
    Signs Of The ApostlesWalter J. Chantry1973
    How Should We Then Live?Francis Schaeffer1976
    Are Baptists Calvinists?Kenneth H. Good1975
    By His Grace And For His GloryThomas J. Nettles1986
    Are Baptists Reformed?Kenneth H. Good1986
    Wrongly Dividing The Word Of TruthJohn H. Gerstner1991
    Power ReligionMichael Scott Horton1992
    Ashamed Of The GospelJohn F. MacArthur Jr.1993

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